Offering Private Work & Group Classes

Private Work

A private session includes a detailed evaluation. It may include Pilates Mat exercise instruction, exercise on the the Pilates Reformer, or hands-on techniques to loosen tight muscles, joints, and fascia.


  • Individual sessions are held at my home office in Windsor.

  • Sessions are 60 minutes in length and cost $85.

Group Classes


Mondays  4:30 - 5:30 

Pilates Mat - mixed level class

Windsor Unified School District, Windsor Creek Elementary School Multi-Purpose Room 8555 Conde Lane, Windsor. Bring your own mat.

Call Mary Ellen for more info. 707-331-7183


Tuesdays  5:30 - 6:30

Safe Spine Pilates Mat

Pilates on the Green 519 David Clayton Rd. Windsor. This is a mixed-level class focusing on neutral spine postures-great for people with spinal conditions. All equipment provided. $13 per class or 6-class card for $65.

Call Mary Ellen for more info. 707-331-7183


Thursdays 11:00  - 12:15

Moving Through Pain

Center for Well-Being 101 Brookwood, Santa Rosa. This is a modified Pilates Mat class for those with chronic pain. Incorporates other types of gentle movement  including relaxation training. All equipment provided.

Call Mary Ellen for more info. or register through the Center for Well-Being

$50 per month/sliding scale available.


Fridays 10:15 - 11:05

Pilates 1 10:15 -11:05 Beginning level Mat Class.

Pilates 2 11:15 - 12:05 intermediate level Mat Class.  

Spring Lake Village 5555 Montgomery Drive, Santa Rosa. These Pilates Mat classes are geared towards the senior population and are open to Spring Lake Village residents with some exceptions.



        Call Mary Ellen for more information or to register for any of the classes 707-331-7183 

"Mary Ellen Wells is an exceptional Pilates teacher. As an educated and practicing Physical Therapist, she is able to provide her students with an exercise program that strengthens the body while having a minimum impact on physical stress. Her group exercises are creative and fun. So, I look forward to class each week. Eight months ago, I began taking her classes and, at the same time, returned to riding horses after a six year hiatus. Both disciplines are symbiotic. They both require strength and flexibility. I am grateful to have Mary Ellen as a Pilates teacher. She has guided me to attain life enriching physical goals."

Susan H.


"When dealing with chronic pain, it can be hard to find a physical therapist who truly understands the fluctuations in needs and nuances that go along with managing it. Mary Ellen understands this and much more. I started out taking one of her 6 week classes on long term pain management and decided to start seeing her for physical therapy as well. She has helped me through a year of ups and downs with my physical health while still helping me achieve progress. I've learned to cope with my pain in many different ways while slowly regaining strength that I had lost over years of fibromyalgia taking its toll. I've been able to develop and maintain a manageable exercise regimen with her help. She also runs a weekly exercise class for people living with chronic pain that gives you a place to exercise at your own pace, with a group of people all going through similar things. It's a very relaxing and energizing experience. She really gets to know your personal situation and needs and tailors her approach to you. Our work together has been extremely valuable. I would highly recommend her for anyone seeking physical therapy, especially people dealing with chronic pain".  Alex Jansons, 32 year old female with Fibromyalgia 

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